MerchMate is an app built to provide merchandisers a convenient way to track stock and sales “on the road”. As merchandisers for various bands, the client sought to make on-road merchandise sales more efficient and easier to document and report after the tour.

The brief was to design a logo that would appeal to a large audience, ranging from independent musicians to large corporate bodies in order to future-proof the app for expected growth into corporate merchandisers at a later date.

Taking inspiration from the roots of the project (independent music) I designed the logo to subtly mimic a fisted being raised at a concert. This provided the initial shapes for the “double m” app logo. I then used the “h” to anchor the m’s to each other in the full logo.

The reason for this was to retain honesty in the brand, whilst allowing colour to largely influence the audience of the logo. The logo remains true to its music roots, but should appeal to a corporate audience as a productivity tool in its own right.